image00Good oral health is not only aesthetic, we should take care of our teeth on a daily basis and a consultation with the dentist every 6 months is recommended. These tips will help you maintain a healthy smile; do not hesitate to visit your dentist.

Brushing: Do not forget to wash your brush with water after each brushing and store it vertically, to allow water to drain and nothing remains deposited in the brush during the night. Do not store indoors or in cases, this helps the appearance of moisture. Use a tongue scraper, eliminating most bacteria in your mouth by disfavoring the appearance of plaques.

Toothpaste: It’s good to use a paste rich in fluoride; helps strengthen teeth and can be used by both adults and children as well.

Sweet Products: Avoid consumption of sugars in large quantities, if you consume candy is good to have a toothbrush on hand to get a quick brushing, preventing the candy from sticking to our teeth and promoting aging.

Mouth guard: During the night many people grind their teeth, this is called ‘Bruxism’ is not healthy and wears off the tooth enamel, it would be appropriate to use a silicone dental guard to avoid and treat this problem.

Dental Floss: It is very important to use, although many professionals are against it, each will have their own reasons and tell you how to take care and the methods you must use when flossing.  Is a good way to reach the cavities and places where a toothbrush cannot reach.

Brushing techniques: Each denture will favor a different technique; we recommend that you ask your dentist to show you the steps to achieve the best brushing.

Avoid smoking: Contains chemicals that are bad for your teeth and increases the risk of disease and a possible cancer.

We invite you to find a local dentist in your area, Visit our Dentist Guide Page for more information.