The employers are tired of seeing dull and lifeless resumes, they are looking for people to put  the ”spark” and attitude to their CV. These tips are mainly for designers, but other professionals should not feel behind and can use this to their advantage to stand out from the rest when it comes to a job search. For those who are not inspired yet, we bring you ideas and how to apply them according to their profession .

For those dedicated to fashion:

A good idea is to send scraps of stamped fabric, why not?  An embroidery resume is very original, one idea that stands out from the rest, no doubt. Like the picture above you can  use a variety of fabrics but is better to use a single design with a picture of your logo. Describe in the scrap of fabric your work experience and your studies. You must have in consideration the size of the fabric to be between A4 or legal size.

For those who are illustrators:

Nothing better as a professional illustrator that to draw something that represents you and show your skills. in this case it’s a resume for a woman, but it can also be applied to men. the mixture of typography and your own handwriting will help the employer to know more about you. Apply different drawing techniques to let them know how skilled are you! remember not to overdo it by making nonsense drawings, keep it simple.

For those who study communication :

Nothing better than presenting your CV with an explosion of color, highlighting what you do best by hiding your weaknesses with a good visual layout. It’s good to play with geometry when exposing your knowledge in this type of design, but remember to be neat and organized otherwise the concept will be unclear.

For those who are graphic designers:

Isn’t great? A curriculum booklet style, one of the most original I’ve seen so far. Combining fonts, sizes and adding symbols, requires a lot of information depending on the length that you want to give it . It may be only one page but you must patiently verify your content before printing,  you do not want to print a handful of copies and then discover it has several errors.

Programs used

• Canva

• Photoshop

• Illustrator

• Corel Draw

• Word Publisher

Many of these programs are very simple to use and others more complex require tutorials and dedication, but if you have a friend  that knows how to use these programs you can take advantage of his help  and spend some time building an authentic CV for your future job.

A must

• Updated data

• Education

• Skills

• Availability

• Extras, Facts

• Life experiences

Have in mind

• Cost

• Design/Creativity

• Time