For those technologically oriented, gadgets for Dad are a spectacular option! Why? Because today, there is a variety of things to choose from. Of course, this can also be a problem, so we have made the search a little easier for you!  Don’t forget to take into account what your Dad likes the most. There are different gadgets that have different uses and are ideal for different activities.  So, whatever we choose, we want our Dad to be happy with our gift.

One of the options currently booming is the new Smart watch. These novel and innovative items are also practical.  Because in any place or situation it will alert you to: New messages, new email, social network updates, incoming calls, calendar events, etc.  This is also good because it works with Android and tells time.  Another advantage is new, daily, applications available for these beautiful gadgets. Here are some images for your review.

sony 1.jpgsamsung gear.jpgsony 2.jpg

Another good option of gadgets for dad are:  adaptable keyboards for tablets and smartphones. They are really practical if you are enjoying your coffee or resting somewhere.  It is also comfortable, simply because we can connect it and have a small notebook.  Ideal for fathers who need to write a lot, or even for fathers who love the idea a lot! Some pictures for your review:

teclado 1.jpgteclado 2.jpg

Another stupendous opportunity to give a gadget to dad is for the reproduction of videos, devices or movies. These are portable projectors. They are great and really exciting to use, especially when you have an opportunity to show a movie. Or when Dad does presentations in different places for work.  It is both ideal for business trips and having a good time!  However, it is important to note that: You need to be sure it works with your Dad’s Smartphone model, although there are other brands (like Samsung) that have everything! This is an excellent way to get the maximum output from your devices. Here are some images.

proyector 1.jpg proyector 2.jpg

We hope you enjoyed these ideas of gadgets for dad. Remember, if you have any other ideas that come to mind as you read this article, please offer your suggestions by means of comments or upload to social networks.