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If you own a florist shop you may be wondering how I can increase sales in my business? What options do I have today?. We know the classic options to increase sales at a florist shop is: distributing flyers, advertising on public roads and local magazines, however have you ever wonder if there are other forms of expansion? Yes, there are many free options and you only need a computer, internet connection and effort … Your business is about to take off.

Nowadays, social networks play an important role when you want to expand a brand, product or whatever you want to sell, so you have to take advantage of the free tools available to us (many times if you want to invest for better expansion it can be done, but that is for more advanced business, we are talking about small businesses that are just beginning).

Creating a Facebook account is a good idea to increase your sales, the effect is as follows:

• You create the page.

• People start to follow you.

• you post daily photos, promotions and coupons.

• More people like you page or are added as friends, that means your audience is increasing.

• You increase your sales.

It often works as simple as we have said it, it requires a few things that will name below:

Originality at the time of posting something, search of interesting items related to your business, creativity to invite people to your store, provide courses like preparation of bouquets or how to do packages for special occasions. This will be a good way to increase your sales and make yourself known.

You must not be afraid to spread the word. It’s the only way your business will thrive. Facebook is not the only one who can help to advertise your business, you can create a twitter account and post deals and photos of the day, keep your followers updated.

Then if you want to sell online there are many sites that will give you access to include your product in exchange for a percentage of sales for each of them.

It’s time to sit, concentrate and look for the best strategy for your florist shop liftoff and take the big step to a surprising future.