Nothing more creative and chic than adding especial details with dried flowers decor either at home, office or centerpieces for any event floral arrangements. Although many think they are ordinary, they can be beautiful and the center of attention in any space. We teach you how to create, modify and take care of them, read on …

What can be used?

Dried flowers have multiple uses, they can be used both for centerpieces, as decoration on tables attached to different surfaces, decorating objects and creating gifts and accessories to perfume your clothes in the closet.

What you need to make an Arrangement:

• Dried flowers

• Glass or Ceramic container

• Decorative tapes

• Wires

• Floral Oasis

• Rafia

• Lacquer to protect them.

Advantages of dried flower arrangements:

• You do not need to water them.

• Just by cleaning them with feather duster or aerosol is enough.

• Maintains flower color.

• They can be aromatized.

• You can use flowers from your garden, dry them and make an economic arrangement.

You may wonder how to dry flowers without having to wait days and days. Another solution to avoid further delay and dry them quickly is to put them in the microwave with silica gel leaving enough space between the gel and flowers, about 2.5 inches, cook for 5 minutes depending on the size of the flowers.

There are many flowers that do not need any gel or product to dry, just to cook for a few minutes and then let stand another 15 minutes, some examples of plants for rapid microwave drying are: marigolds, daisies, hydrangeas, orchids, lady’s mantle, spring roses, roses and lavender sea among others.

To keep your arrangements with dried flowers, do not forget:

• Dust it every week. It will last at least three years, using a duster or dryer.

• If you want to give it a shine, buy shimmer spray and added to the floral arrangement.

• Do not expose the arrangement to direct sunlight.

• Do not place them in bathrooms, since the moisture rot.

Do not forget to follow these tips that YaSabe gives you, if you prefer natural flowers you can get a florist on our guide page!