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We may all have big desires to produce enough income to lead a peaceful life, financially speaking (Florist “Chains” may get you there)..  However, we also wouldn’t want to complicate our lives or get too stressed.  We want to live a calm life without conflicts or excessive workloads (such as with owning a neighborhood florist shop). Let’s see what the advantages and disadvantages are with each:

Neighborhood flower shops

  • Advantages: Little staff, which means less complications (provided we have responsible employees). We can also handle our schedule better, as there is only one shop to drive to. We are single-mindedly focusing on one shop, its correct functioning and administration.

  • Disadvantages: We have access to a limited client capacity, which directly influences our income. Employee absenteeism is more noticeable and harmful. We are usually personally responsible for providing good service, because income limitations might not allow us to hire staff to serve our clients.

Flower shop chains

  • Advantages: Our income may be considerably higher. We would have a bigger client flow and more market share. We could outsource functions like administration or legal management of the company. If one employee misses work it wouldn’t be such a problem, as we would have more resources to fill the space.

  • Disadvantages: We would have to monitor the commercial and administrative performance of several shops, attend many meetings to make sure everything is working as we expected, and handle constant movement. Changes should be dealt with immediately, independent to the rest of the stores. All of this can derive into a massive amount of work if we are not able to manage it.

But keep calm and don’t freak out. There are solutions for everything. Our humble advice is for you to start with a neighborhood shop, while having the vision for a big chain.

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