What can you do while the turkey is being cooked?  Your garnishes may be done, the house prepared and the turkey… in the oven! While you wait for your Turkey to turn a delicious golden brown, it can be hard to contain the anxiety of both yourself and your kids! In this case, perhaps you can watch a movie, a sports game or just simple television. But when someone asks for the fourth time: “when do we eat?”… The situation can get unbearable.

Here are some fun activities and games to kill time and play “hooky” for a while!

Passing the pumpkin

This game is for adolescents and / or adults. Divide everyone into two uniform groups. Ask each group to get into a row facing each other. The first person in each line has a small mini-pumpkin between their chin and chest. The moderator of the game (When everyone is ready) should give the signal to start. They can use a countdown to begin. The first person in the line should pass the mini-pumpkin to the next person. The next person will take the pumpkin between their chin and chest and pass it on. Remember: No hands! If the pumpkin falls, it has to return to the beginning of the line, and start again. The first group to get their pumpkin to the end of the line with their chin and chest is the winner!


For the whole family! You will need to print the cards, one for each participant. They should all be different. Then print and cut the chips. Put them in a hat or bowl. The person that takes the chips from the hat will inform the rest of the group. The participants should complete their squares using candies, grains of corn, candy or bingo markers. You can also laminate the cards and use on another occasion.

Printable Bingo Cards and chips 

Sack Race

It’s the perfect time to get into shape and open up your appetite! Use sacks or pillowcases no longer in use. The kids can jump in a race and you can add obstacles like pumpkins, dried corn or whatever else comes to mind.

Coloring activities

For the smaller kids in the home, download different coloring sheets with festive motifs.

Printable Coloring Sheets

You can add prizes to the games for the winners. This can be sweet treats, a good wine for the adults or some decorative object.

Happy Thanksgiving!