On June 12, is the start of one of the most important sport shows in the world!  It is a show that captures the attention of millions and millions of spectators around the globe, game after game.  The team that will open the ceremony is Brazil versus Croatia.  Who will win?  Before the show begins, we have a list of trivia and information you should know about the 2014 World Cup.

  • Inauguration time is 21.00 hours, and the game is at 22.00 hours. It is anticipated that the show will not last for more than 30 minutes (maybe less), then the ceremony will give way to the first game.  How thrilling!  May the best team win…

  • Why does the game begin on Thursday, June 12? Well, the coach of the ‘canarinha’ did not want Brazil to play on Friday the 13!  After much discussion about the superstitious nature of the date and Scolari himself, it was decided that the starting date would be Thursday, June 12.  This date is not that significant to the audience, since other World Cups have also been played on a Thursday back in: 1930, 1934 and 1978.

  • No details about the inauguration and the proceedings are known.  But we do know the official song of the World Cup is called ‘We are One’ sung by J-Lo, Pitbull and Claudia Leitte.

  • This World Cup will pay homage to Brazil, her culture, country, special treasures, the emotion, the people, nature, dance and soccer.  It will be awesome!

  • The artistic director of the party will be Daphné Cornez.

  • The stadium where the inauguration will be held is called Saint Paul’s Corinthian Arena, with the capacity to hold 61.606 spectators.

  • The referee who will direct the first game between Brazil vs Croatia is called Yuichi Nishimur. He directed the most important games in history such as the final between Brazil – Holland.

  • The last time Brazil played against Croatia was in Germany in 2006 in the Group F category. It has been quite some time…

  • This edition of the World Cup will benefit from the latest technology.  The playing field is equipped with 14 high speed cameras around the playing field.  Also a detection program is in charge of spotting if the ball crossed the line or not.   And last but not least, a radio signal will send a vibration to the referee’s wristwatch when a team scores a goal!  This system is called GoalControl-4D.

Do you know of any neat trivia or interesting data that we missed? YaSabe wants to bring you the most updated information possible about this grand world event, especially for those soccer fans out there!