If you ask me, I think if you want a pet, it is best to adopt one. I never purchased any of my pets. They were always rescued, or given to me by an aunt whose dog had young ones. I have had just about everything in terms of pets! From birds to fishes, dogs and even a rabbit!

I really love animals and I think they are noble and wonderful creatures! And their behavior never ceases to amaze me. I have always been guided by nature’s enchanting variety and if it were up to me, I would live surrounded by animals! However, sometimes this is not possible, and many factors in our lives determine whether we can have a pet in our home. Why do I say this? Well, it is normal for kids to want a pet! It is normal, healthy and advisable!

Remember: Animals have needs just like a human. They require lots of care and lots of love. So, if you do not think you can care for it properly, do not bring them into your home. It will only create problems and the poor animal will suffer. You might also think about your personality and lifestyle, before you decide to adopt!

Take into account the fact that when you adopt an animal, you are integrating another member to your family life. It should adapt to the qualities of each member of the household, times, customs and family activities. And you should adapt to the animal in the same way! Take the necessary time needed to educate, impart trust and generate a strong bond. Once you achieve these goals, you will have a faithful companion for life!

You should also consider expenses like: Food, vet visits, spaying or neutering, proper ID, which may imply a collar with tags or a more permanent ID like a microchip. These are just some of the expenses you will have. If you think you cannot keep up these demands, do not adopt! If you can put together a monthly budget and share part of it to care for your animal, then by all means, go ahead and adopt!

What’s the best type of Pet for me?

Not everything in life is dogs and cats! Think about your needs and what kind of animal will best adjust to them. Before you choose, think about this: Are you alone? Is the pet for your kids? Or do you just want companionship? There are many questions to consider, which will help determine the type of animal you need and the specific breed you want. Think of the space available in your home. Dogs, for example, need space. They also need exercise and outdoor trips to relieve themselves. If you cannot dedicate the required time, then this animal is not appropriate for you. The same applies if you have reduced space at home.


Dogs are great pets, loyal by excellence, loving and playful. However, it is not recommended to have puppies with small children in the house. In my case, I have had the experience of a puppy with a newborn child. If the breed is calm and it is a small or medium size dog, as in my case, it can work. They can both grow up together and it is a wonderful experience! My niece grew up in such a way and the first word out of her mouth was the name of her little dog!

Find out about the different breeds of dogs before you adopt, to avoid unpleasant surprises.  Some are hyperactive and others do not get along well with kids, other animals, etc.



Cats are beautiful animals with an independent spirit! They are sensitive, loving and lots of fun. But they are not for everyone! A cat is not like a dog. They do not form a special bond with their owners, and breed is also a factor. Some are more jealous or unsociable, and some do not get along well with kids! In general, they can be docile but they do not require as much from their owners like dogs. This does not mean you should not care for or feed your cat!


I know people love birds but there is nothing more depressing than a bird in a cage. This is only my humble opinion. But to each his own! Perhaps you may like a parakeet, which are fun and happy birds, especially for kids! You may even allow them to fly freely in the home as they are easily domesticated.

On the other hand, they do get messy and the cage must be cleaned daily!


Fishes are cute, and clownfish are my favorites!!!!! They are low cost and you can keep them in a reduced space. However, they do not interact much with humans. In truth, they do not interact at all!

Yes, they do require lots of care and cleaning. And you will have to be methodical with these little fishes!

Guinea Pigs and Hamsters

Are divine, easy to care for and very docile! Of course, they do not play like a dog or cat, but they are a great alternative as a first pet for a child. They can really teach your child about responsibility and care. In this sense, they are a lot like hamsters. The only issue is that cute hamsters sleep during the day and remain active at night. And unless you have a night owl for a child, that will not be a lot of fun! Guinea pigs play and exercise on wheels and navigate labyrinths, and they are low cost to maintain. However, you should learn about the different types before you get one. Why? Some of them do not like to be with hamsters, because they get aggressive, while others are more sociable.

If you want to adopt a pet and haven’t decided on the race or type, do this: Go to a nearby shelter and talk with the workers. They can clear up any doubts you may have. What is more, with pets, it is often love at first sight!

Good luck!