Have you ever wondered why they do not re-use old objects or restored ones to change the decoration in Christmas season? We can protect the environment and re-use old containers , paint that we already have , use old frames without the high cost and have a hand-made ​​touch to the festive atmosphere in our home.

Some examples you can try this holiday season …


Easy Ideas that even children can make them.  As seen in pictures, use corks or different branches and flowers to make them.  It can also be painted plastic, cardboard, paper magazines or even CDs that are unused. The idea is to create a circle of any size with any object that welcome to our home.

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Tree Ornaments:

Have pieces of wood in the yard?  Pieces of broken pine cones? Paint them or leave them natural, glue them to a cardboard cutout of any shape either square or a heart.  Punch a hole on the top or cut out a hole in the center, thread it to hang on the tree.

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Christmas Tree:

From the simplest ideas as tree branches from your back yard or plastic bottles of various sizes. Arrange them so it look like a Christmas tree.

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Gift Wrapping:

Many times, it is the little details that tell the difference . So your gifts should draw a lot of attention of the guests , choosing original materials such as paper, cloth and use details on the tapes.  You can choose wool, old fabric, jute to embroider.

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We hope that for this Christmas, you can try some of these ideas and surprise your family!