Each day that passes by, I am amazed at the recycling possibilities that exist! Did you know you can recycle concrete blocks? And what’s even better, you can create highly useful designs with a rustic and modern look!

Let’s see some amazing things we can do with blocks. And if you think of any more ideas, please share them with us!


Instead of making flowerbeds in your backyard or garden, you can stack the blocks and fill them with soil. Use them to add small plants! A great tip: Succulents and cactus will love it!

You can also use them as modern flower pots on your balcony or at the entrance to your house!  


These ideas are so simple you will not believe it! You only have to stack these objects together to make night tables with lots of style!

Or you can make these comfortable lawn chairs. You only need add a few wooden type beams and some nice cushions!

Why not try to make a beautiful table or desk for your workspace? You could even take advantage of the holes in the blocks to store things! Super modern and chic, don’t you agree?


I must confess that it is not a very useful idea, but it was so pretty I couldn’t wait to share it! Stack the blocks to form a structure and add candles to the holes. You could even add other simple garden decorations—even plants! This is a great way to illuminate your garden or patio!


An authentic firewood grill at home! This is just like when you make a campfire on a camping tour and use the blocks for support like stones! On the interior of the grill, use the firewood to make tasty barbecues. Important Note: Before you start, be sure to get any special permission you need from the community! This is honestly attractive, neat and super useful! After all, there is no tastier BBQ than the one made with firewood!


Well, let’s not forget that this is concrete! If you need to make steps in your garden, this is a great choice! And don’t forget the grass can grow between the open spaces of the blocks!

I hope you enjoy these ideas and feel the need to recycle!

See you soon!