Redecorating bottles, recycling purses, slippers and shorts, making accessories for ourselves and our home. There are many things we can do with a little imagination and a bit of lace!

If you would like to add a romantic touch to your clothing or living space, lace is ideal! You can even convert something simple into a sophisticated item, just by adding a piece of lace.

Today, we are going to see some ideas you can do. However, the truth is there are lots and lots of ideas and the possibilities are infinite!

Romantic Jars


With a little piece of lace adjusted to the size of your jar and the circumference, you can create a totally new recycled object! To give that special touch, include ribbons or small sequins glued with contact adhesive used to wrap the bottle. Try multicolored lace edging or whatever you like the most! Use it like a small plant vase to store personal effects or make a beautiful gift.



Super sophisticated, these lamp covers are made from black, cotton lace edging! Simply glue the lace to a smaller jar in a uniform and cylindrical shape. You can try a glass (one no longer in use), for example. Once you have neatly glued the edging with contact adhesive, let dry. Then add a little candle inside. Aren’t they beautiful?  For the edgings, use smooth black ribbon glued on the outside or tuck in the edging so it does not unravel.



If you have basic sewing skills, you can transform simple denim or gabardine shorts into trendy super shorts! You can also use lace edging at the ends or borders when you want to enlarge an outfit you like, but find it too small or short.



Two accessories completely improved with lace. Simple gabardine tennis shoes and a faux leather tote. You can also add to shoes and espadrilles.

You can also make collars for your sweaters or tops. This is done by a simple stitch of lace attached to a piece of plush of the same color. Add ribbon or a chain stitch to the sides and attach to the neck as shown in the picture below.

I know you won’t squander creativity and you will have lots of fun with many projects!

Don’t forget to search for materials, lace and everything you will need to make these beautiful ideas into a reality. You can find them at a store near you. Do you know how? Simple…just use!

Until later!