It usually happens that when I look for a pair of earrings, I can’t find them anywhere! However, putting them in a pretty box wasn’t the right solution. They often got tangled between them and formed, literally, a ball of earrings. Add bracelets and necklaces to the mix, and you have a real mess on your hands!

Every time I open the jewelry box, I work up my patience and start to sort out what I need. Sometimes, time and patience plays against me and I flip from side to side without really finding what I want! So I end up using the same pair of earrings or none.

I know! I am suffering and most women seem to feel the same way! But putting all jokes aside, it is a great idea to have a jewelry organizer! Yes, there are some devices sold to hang things, but if you cannot afford to buy one or you don’t like the ones you found on the market, you can do it yourself! Using just a few items, many of which you probably have at home, you can make yourself a nice organizer! And what is better, you can recycle objects and different materials.

Today, I will share with you the general materials you will need for your project. And then I will show you different pictures you can copy and consider, to make your own chic design!
Of course, it goes without saying that all ideas are welcome! And surely, you will think of additional materials and ways to build your earring organizer!

From the designs I’ve seen, I think the best ones that work are those mounted on a picture frame. I will show you how! You will need an old wooden or metal frame with no glass or back cover.

You can paint the frame whatever color you like, sand it, varnish it or do whatever you like with it! With Universal glue, stick bits of lace to the back. On the top, add a hook or string to hang. All set! You can simply hang the earrings or other hook items to the lace like the picture shows!

Instead of a wooden or metal frame, you can use a lace frame! Do the same steps. Use strips of lace or just a large piece of lace! Remember, everything looks cuter when you add ribbon and bows for a personal touch!

If you don’t have or like the lace, you can use rustic fabrics like burlap. Or use tulle or canvas like the ones used to embroider tapestries!! It doesn’t have to be square or rectangular in shape! You can give any shape you like! You can even buy wooden sticks and make your own frame, 100% to your taste and style!

There is also the option to make a standing organizer for your chest or dresser! In this case you can glue the frame to a base and it’s a done deal!

Do you remember the craft work we did a while ago with wine corks? In the article, we made a cork board with old recycled frames. With this same concept, instead of using it for the office, kitchen or to display photographs in every room of the house, you can use it for your bedroom with your jewelry collection! Honestly, the idea is not bad but I think it presents two problems: You can lose your screws so you need to store them somewhere else. And if the earrings are not made of good material they can bend. So I would go with the first options!

If you like to recycle and if you love vintage style, here are some neat ideas just for you!! Using old graters to cups, you can paint, decorate and reuse these objects to store your jewelry! However, if you are in a rush, be careful not to scratch yourself when you remove the earrings!

For the crochet lovers (And the talented), here is another option. Use a lace made from yarn in whatever color you like the most! If you do not know how to knit (like me!), you can purchase the finished item at local craft and hobby shops! The idea is to attach a ribbon to to a stitch in the lace on the wall. Take advantage of the holes in the knit to hang your jewelry!

In reality, you can use whatever you like to the limit of your imagination! From mesh to netting and even recycled pieces of wire!

Use your imagination to make unique sculptures with wire!

If you work well with wood, replace the strips of lace for strips of wood or perforated metal. In this way, you will have it much longer!

And if you recycle a “Dream catcher”, you will have two objects in one!

The possibilities are infinite! So, which one will you choose?