We always make craft projects to decorate our home or give that special touch to our clothing. We also make objects and reuse available materials to create new designs to share with others or for personal use.

But we never think about our precious pets! Our dogs and cats give us a lot of love on a daily basis. With a simple look they remind us how much we mean to them. And we not only care for them, feed them and pamper them but we can return that love by making cute accessories so they can play and / or rest.

Ready to get started? Then let’s get to work!

  • Cat toys

With a little bit of plush or felt and some feathers, we can construct cute little birds to keep our kitty cats entertained! They don’t have to be perfect or meticulously done. You simply need to sew them well so they don’t fall apart. Use some ribbon or strings to hang them and this is another way your pet can play with them. So much fun!

The sewing stitch needed is called: Buttonhole. We have already seen how to do this in a previous post when we made a wreath for the door.

  • Cat scratchers

You will need wood and sisal twines (very thick) or cord for this project. Wrap the wood with the twine or cord and stick with non-toxic glue. It should be safe for your little pet. You can also use headless nails so it stays together and doesn’t fall apart. For your pet to enjoy the “scratching” part, hang it on a wall at the height of the cat.

  • Beds

Uff, there are thousands of ideas to make a bed for your pets. They are even cuter than the ones you find in the store. Let’s see some of them!

Use old tires

Paint them with non-toxic latex paint. Then sew or buy a cushion with the inner diameter size of the tire. Here’s an idea! Use old pillows instead!

Fruit crates or pallets

Paint them or simply sand down to eliminate splinters so your pet doesn’t get hurt. As the previous idea shows and in all these cases, you can put a cushion on the inside.

Old suitcases

Yes!  You heard right. Use old suitcases! They give a nice decorative touch to the environment and your little pet will have a comfy bed. Put some wooden legs under the bed (Especially if you have a small dog with little agility). I love this idea!


Use an old sweater or sweatshirt to make a little bed.  Get a little cushion stuffing, put it inside the shirt and stitch it together. Turn this into a comfy bed for your little dog or medium sized cat!

As always, I hope you have enjoyed these little craft projects. If you have any ideas or want to share information on other projects, don’t hesitate to write us! We would love to hear from you.

Have a great day!