If it is not uncommon for you to say things like ‘how did I spend my money this month?’ You are not alone! Many of us don’t have a clear grasp on how much we spend, and this might be your case! Try these two simple tricks to help you get your finances organized and paying your bills on time!



Analyze your expenses in detail on a weekly basis

Although it may seem silly, this exercise will help you save. Many times we make unnecessary purchases and we only realize how much the add up to when we analyze our weekly spending.

To get started, record and categorize every dollar you earn and spend. Label every expense (Toothpaste, toilet paper, etc). It might sound tedious, but believe us, every  expense should be recorded.

Pay your bills on time

Late fees not only imply you will have to pay more in the end, it can also have more serious effects like affecting your credit score and history. With proper control of your expenses, a weekly balance check, and being able to recognize the areas where you can cut costs, it is very likely you’ll be able to pay all your bills on time!

Here are a few tips on how to manage your bills:

  • On a calendar (or a digital calendar) write down the due date of all your bills.

  • If using your phone, set up monthly reminders of the day before your bills are due. If you are using a wall calendar, circle them with a bright color

  • Every morning, take the bill that is due and paid it before leaving the house

Finally, some people just need a little extra financial help (That is ok too!) Make sure you find a local accountant you can trust, and that will provide you with the proper tools to get your finances in order.

Good luck and remember to share this article!