Is there a certain type of music that you would like to dance better to? With so many types of dances to choose from it is hard to choose just one. Most of the time you have to see a dance to see if it appeals to you or you have to try some out. Let me tell you that dance is important in every culture and everyone has their own style and types of music. Dance is the movement of the body and it is most of the time used to express emotion, spiritual meaning, ideas, or even tell a story, just to name a few. Others use it as a form of silent communication for instance animals and insects.

The history record of dance is still incomplete. Scientist don´t have an exact answer on when the first dances occurred. But the good news is, that the Egyptians left behind paintings of woman dancing to express grief or dancing before the gods. Today there countless forms of dancing and new ones evolve each generation. Below are some types of popular dances today.

Types of popular dances:

  • Ballet: This type of dance usually tells a story.
  • Tap: Dancers use their feet to play drum beats by using shoes with metal taps on them.
  • Swing Dance: Dancers don´t stand still, they jump, swing and spin.
  • Belly dance: This dance involves circular movements of the hip, shoulder and chest.
  • Tango: It takes two to dance Tango. The male leads the female in this choreography.
  • Salsa: It originated from Cuba, Latin America and Puerto Rico, and it involves fast, flirtatious movements.
  • Merengue: The partners dance close and unusually use circular motion steps away and sideways from each other.
  • Bachata : This romantic dance originated from the Dominican Republic and it is similar to Merengue except it is dance slower.

You ask, ¨Why consider dancing classes?¨ Let me tell you. Dance can take away the stress that you have built up from work or home. Dancing can help you keep fit and express yourself. Use dance as a form of therapy. Use it to forget about your problems for a  bit. Dancing will get you to be in a better  mood. It will also help you make friends with people who are similar and like the music you do.Who doesn’t like dancing. If you haven´t considered what type of dancing your are into, or if you have something in mind already, get on it. Dance is not just a hobby, it can be therapy as well.

Now that you have a little background into dancing, it’s time to find a place that offers lessons.  Salsa or bachata are among the most popular dances at the moment and there are a few places in the area that offer lessons.  The Clarendon Grill in VA offers bachata and salsa lessons on Monday nights starting at 7:15pm.  DC’s Lima offers complimentary salsa lessons starting at 9:30pm and on Wednesdays, Agua Vida in Arlington offers salsa and bachata lessons starting at 8pm.  But if your weekdays are too busy for you, then come to Arlington’s Caribbean Breeze where they offer free salsa lessons on Saturday nights starting at 9:30pm.  If you’re looking for other types of dance lessons, please visit – what are you waiting for? Get your groove on! For additional information and news please follow us on Twitter (yasabe) or FaceBook ( – by Ide Lehner & J. Rodriguez