Should you DO YOUR OWN DIVORCE, the first question you need to ask is “DO I NEED A LAWYER?”

You probably need a lawyer  if:

  • you and your spouse do not agree on matters involving the children or property division.
  • retirement assets need to be divided.
  • you are a victim of domestic violence.
  • the case is contested and the other side has a lawyer.
  • you do not have an address for the other side.
  • you cannot locate the other side to serve him or her with your papers.
  • this is a divorce case and either side has a house, a pension, or a large amount of property or income.  Even if it is a friendly divorce, you SHOULD talk to a lawyer before you sign any settlement papers or file anything in court.
  • you and your spouse do not agree on who should have custody of the children.
  • you think the court will need information that you cannot get.
  • you are seeking an annulment.

If you believe you can represent yourself, but you need help getting the right paper work done or you need instructions in Spanish, go to “”.