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The majority of women like to do more than just two things at once (although many men say it is risky for them to do just one). When we are in boring situations, we prefer to add additional activities such as applying makeup, after all women want to look pretty, no matter what. While driving is the perfect time, although many times is difficult … be careful with mascara to not look like a panda at the end you should follow these steps:

Tip I: Buy at the supermarket or pharmacy cleansing wipes to clean your hands fast, always at hand.

1) You can start by applying foundation with a sponge all over your face, use a special makeup sponge (yes, those that look like a marshmallow).

2) Continue to place a shade of color or natural in the upper contour of the eyes, I agree dark colors give elegance and mystery to your look, in short, you will look more attractive.

3) Take the most useful eyeliner pencil and outline your eye. Preferably when the light is red, please you do not want to end up in a hospital because of this.

4) Time to place blush with the fingers on your cheeks, is much better if you use a makeup brush.

5) Finally, when stopped on a red light put mascara as much as you want.

6) The lips for the final touch, you can use a lip liner, lip gloss or any lip color you prefer.

Tip II: If you have time to make a quick stop, visit YaSabe web site to find beauty salons near you with the best discounts.

If you are driving through avenues or highways, be very careful when you begin these steps. Anyway remember that is best if you can put make up before getting out of the house, it is not recommended to put makeup while driving. In case you have no other option, pay close attention to you driving and do it only on red lights, when the car is fully stopped. Never stop looking like a diva!