If you already have a  gift and still feel there is something missing, you are  right! A card made by you will be the best accessory. No gift is complete if you do not have a card or a letter explaining and giving a thousand reasons why your mom is unmatched. If you ran out of ideas, we help you make a very pretty and colorful letter that can include any message and is easy to make. This will be the end result…

What do you need to make this card?

  • Patterned papers
  • Cardboard
  • Fork
  • Guillotine for Paper
  • Hot silicone
  • Glue
  • Scraps of cardboard with different shapes

First, you will choose the background paper for your card and you cut it with the paper cutter or with scissors (with the guillotine will be more accurate and neat) of a size of 6×12” (13×30 cm). It will be the paper where you will write your personal message and letter, be careful not to be dark in order to be easy to read.

Make sure it is neat folded on both sides.

Then choose another decorative paper that will be the background of the cover of your card, look for matching colors in the style that you find and you feel comfortable working.

cut paper in 2.5×2.5” (6x6cm) these will be the ones to decorate the top of your personalized card for Mom. It may be the colors that you want, now is the time to create.

all the papers will look like this in your personalized card. If you do not like something this is when you change it, then it will be late.

For the rosettes, cut strips of some particular color 12×3” (30x8cm) that depends on the size you want to use, then mark the folds  with a table to bookmark folds, if I want to do it by eye to be irregular you can.

Then fold the paper along the folds mark.

Join the ends of the cardboard, let it dry and once dry you can press it in order to achieve a flower shape.


Once completely dry, you can already start putting all the papers to finish your card, it’s time to glue the previous sections of cut paper, along with squares and rosettes.

Finalize with a centered figure for the rosette covering the previous glued papers, for that select large significant figures as a heart or star, it can also be a message.

Once completed, write the message to your mom  and it is now ready to accompany a gift and surprise Mom!

(*) Source of information: YouTube Chanel Memorabilia Scrapbooking