A few days ago,  we made beautiful Ballerina dolls for jewelry displays as sweet fifteen souvenirs. Today, I want to share some more ideas with you, which are easier to do but very chic.  The ideas are the same: pretty, useful and something that says… you! With these ideas, your tastes, and the reason for making them in mind, you can make the most beautiful souvenirs to share with friends and family!

Here are some great ideas to get started!

Mini cactus

Who doesn’t love cactus or succulent plants? It is a lovely idea and very easy to do. You will need as many plants as the amount of souvenirs you want to give. You can decorate the little flower pots with pretty paper, or paint them yourself with the color theme you have chosen for your party. Then add a little ribbon or bow, a label with your name, and the date of the party.  

You can also knit or make them with fabric!

If you are skillful, take advantage of your innate talent! For example, these cacti made of fabric or crochet can serve as neat pincushions!

Blow bubbles!

You can have lots of fun at your party blowing bubbles! These little bottles are easy to purchase at your favorite party supply store. Decorate the bottles with a design you really like!

Mini piñatas!

I love this idea for many reasons: first, these little donkey -piñatas are lovely! Second, you don’t need many features to make them, just a bit of patience and neatness.

Third, you can fill them with sweet candies or sugar coated almonds! You can also do cookies, which will be 100% edible souvenirs!

Some time ago, I told you how to make piñatas. Follow the same instructions but to scale. In other words, the size you would like your souvenirs to be. The beautiful part about this project is that you can also make some larger ones to decorate your party. It is a great way to say goodbye to your childhood!

Candy jars

I love this idea for its simplicity! You need glass vials to fill with sweet candies or bath salts (another good choice!).  These have cork stoppers which are decorated with little pinwheels made of paper. 

You can get the bottles at any craft or supply store, and I will show you how to make the little pinwheels:

You can purchase any paper you like that complements the design theme of your party!

Aromatic candles

You can find the candle supplies at craft stores. The truth is that both the candles and the soaps are very easy to make! And it is even simpler when you only use one fragrance and a single mold to make them! 

These little hearts are really beautiful, but you can choose the design you like the most! You may even decide to decorate your party tables with some of them!

Sweet Treats!

Decorated marshmallows, cake pops, chocolates, cookies, macaroons…there are a thousand and one ideas for giving gifts and almost everyone loves sweet treats!

The most important factor is presentation so pay attention to how you decorate your sweet treats and how you wrap them. You can use simple transparent cellophane to wrap, or nice boxes or even cans!

Remember: presentation is everything!

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas!

Best wishes!