If you are preparing for your sweet fifteen party, you may know that one of the most important details at the party is to give a little keepsake or souvenir. Although decorations are cute, after you accumulate a lot of them, you might need a shelf to keep them on. Or they might end up in a bedroom drawer, or even in the garbage!

For this reason, it is a good idea to give a “useful” item. Or items that are not only decorative but represent you and your special event, and can be used on a daily basis. Just imagine if you could make them yourself! 
Today I am going to share a simple, practical, and useful idea so you can make your own souvenirs! I know you will love them!

Ballerina Mannequin Jewelry Display

These dancing dolls are very chic! But it does require a lot of work and several parts. You will need wires to make the hanging clips and a few pins to make the edges neat. You will also require:

  • Jewelry wire
  • Pliers
  • Wood base
  • Universal Glue
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Varnish spray
  • Cold porcelain paste, salt or rubber paste to shape the torso
  • Silicone mold for the torso
  • Wooden or metal rods to secure the torsos to the base
  • Tulle, fabric, ribbons, beads, feathers and/or sequins to decorate

Start to model the torso with the material you’ve chosen and use the silicone mold. Let dry for a few hours and as the mold sets in place, use the pliers and the wire to shape. When the mixture is a little drier (and no longer sticky) but somewhat dry, insert the wire as a hanger and the stick to fasten the piece to the base. Let dry completely. Then add a little glue to the connections for a more solid fit.

Paint the bases any color you like. It is a good idea for your dancers to wear a dress similar to your own, or at least the same color. If you use a seamstress, keep the clothing scraps to decorate your souvenirs.

Glue your mannequins to your wooden base, and paint the torso any color you prefer. You may choose unique details, or just complement the color of the skin and then dress up with colorful fabric. Varnish with the aerosol spray (Use the varnish in an open, airy place. Use newspaper on the floor to avoid staining the surface of the base).

Now comes the really fun part!

Decorate the torso with paint, fabric, ribbons, sequins or anything you can think of! You can even include accessories like chains, bows or flowers made of fabric. You can even make pointed shoes with the paste and glue them to the feet of the base.

Don’t forget to use a little ribbon with your name and the date of the event. 

You can use lots of different colors to dress your dolls!

Your friends will love this idea because they can use these dancers to hang their own bracelets and rings and keep their jewelry nice and tidy!

What do you think of this idea?
Until the next time!