I don’t know if you are like me, but my home is covered, literally speaking, in magazines. They are not only cheap but there is a magazine for everyone! And there is a large variety to suit every taste like: decoration, movies, food, music and even economy and politics!

I must confess I haven’t read them all, but I hate to give up and recycle them. (Someday, I hope to have enough time to get up to date with them all!) For this reason, I have large stacks of magazines in every inch of my home. And it really bugs me when I need to clean and tidy up.

Thinking about my problem, I came up with some ideas to make magazine racks with materials you can easily find at home. Or at least things you can find easily! Check out the list to get amazing ideas.

1. Magazine racks with hangers

After all, who doesn’t have hangers at home? Precisely! We all do and more than just one. The idea is to fold it neatly as shown in the picture and hang it on the wall.

Tip: It does not support much weight, so it is more of a decorative idea than a practical one!

Another option would be to hang several hangers or, as the picture shows on the left hand / upper side, hang the magazines at the base of the hanger.  I think this type of hanger will be better and have more support if made of wood, nicely painted!

2. Old ladder

Using an old ladder, nicely sanded and varnished will create a beautiful magazine rack. And if you add a drawer with hooks you can use it to store more things. I think it might also be a good idea to put wheels on the ladder to transport it easily from one room to another.

3. Recycle wooden crates

You can use unstained, wooden, fruit crates. They can be old, which will create a rustic touch to your surroundings. You can even paint them as the picture shows below.

Advantage: Many magazines will fit and you can accommodate them by type or in groups.

You can also add wheels to easily transport to different rooms and what is even better is this: If you use them as tables, you can put decorative items and other objects on top!

4. Wooden windows

Yes, you read right! Old wooden windows, well sanded and painted can make beautiful magazine racks with a vintage look! This design is very much in vogue today. For example, the windows can be obtained at antique shops at a low price. A lot of magazines fit inside and it has great support. It also takes up little space and looks absolutely lovely!

Which one is your favorite?