Would you like to give gifts to your friends / workmates, but don’t want to spend too much? No problem! Today, I will give you some easy, quick, original and really cute ideas to help you. What’s the best part? They are low cost to suit your budget, but great to demonstrate your attention to detail.

Before we begin, let’s think about your skills. Can you sew? Knit? Cook? None of the above?

If you know how to knit, you can always make mittens or a scarf to give away. Put it in a jar with ribbons for that special touch and voila! A super gift at a low price.

Another great idea is to make strawberry jam. Or choose to make another flavor like tomato, grapes or any other fruit of your choice. Put the jam in small, sterilized, glass jars with a cute label.

You could also put together tea or hot chocolate blends. These spicy, sweet treats can be given in a pretty cup with a Christmas motif.

If you want to double the bet, decorate the cups yourself. Use smooth ceramics and permanent markers so the designed motif does not wash off.

I insist, if you knit, try it! For example, coasters are beautiful! Not to mention, cup covers, which are ideal for a chilly winter!

If you really know how to cook, there is nothing more to say. I have given away thousands of homemade baked cookies, with Christmas designs (stars, pine, snowmen) or the classic oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies.

At craft and hobbies stores, they sell a ton of materials and low cost options. These provide options to work and create gifts for your friends with just a little time and dedication.

If you think you have no skills (Which, I honestly don’t believe), simply fill small jars or test tubes with Latino spices. Everyone will be happy to get one, and it will be a great sample of our traditional flavors!

Did you like these ideas? Then share them with your friends!