During summer I use Flip flops all the time. One of the most important reasons is because they are practical and comfortable. They are are also super economical! We can wear them to the beach and some are so cute, we can even wear them with our favorite jeans and a nice T-shirt!

Flip flops combine with our summer looks during the day and since they are low cost, it allows us to have several pairs at home. And what is even better is this: You can decorate them any way you like! These ideas can also help you renew or recycle old sandals or other Flip flops made of different materials! Why? Well, you might be tired of using the same old thing but they still have a bit of wear left!

A few simple rubber Flip flops can become a nice pair of footwear using only ribbon, fabric or beads!

If you are turning sweet fifteen or getting married, you can prepare baskets of decorated Flip flops for your bridesmaids and friends! Then they can dance the night away without complaining about sore feet! !

And don’t forget to make a special pair for yourself!

Let’s see some designs to inspire our creativity!

  • Fabric Flower Applique!

You will need to buy some flowers made of fabric to apply. These are sold at local craft stores. You can also make them yourself! How? Simply cut 6 circles of any fabric you like. The circles should be as follows:

2 of 3 inches

2 of 2 ½ inches

2 of 2 inches

Gather the edges of the circles with sewing thread to give them a shape. Then place the smaller flower over the larger one. Join the circles together with any button or stone you like in the center. Your flowers are now ready to apply to your Flip flops!

  • Use cloth or chiffon handkerchiefs!

This option is very simple to do! You have two choices: Use the same color chiffon handkerchiefs or fabric cut in the same length and width. If you decide on fabric, you need to stitch the edges to avoid fraying.  Now for the fun part! As the picture shows, pass the cloth or handkerchief through the junction or union of the toes of the Flip flop. The cloth should fit snugly in the center with both ends of the same length. Then wrap the pieces around the strips of the sandal, from the center to the very end. Use the rest of the fabric to tie the sandal to your ankles!

It may be convenient to calculate, before you cut the material, the length you will need. The width should be calculated too. If your material is too long your foot may not fit well!

  • Use Ribbons!

This is a fun idea especially for the little girls at home! Simply tie a few pieces of ribbon of the same color (Or multicolor if you prefer), on the strips of the Flip flops.

You can also use tulle or pieces of leftover fabric from other projects!

  • Use water balloons!

This project has already been mentioned in one of our blogs on water balloons craft projects. If you missed it (how is that possible?), let me tell you how it is done! Buy a few balloons like the ones children use to play with water. Tie them to the strips of your Flip flops. You can sew them with fishing line and a strong embroidery needle. There are many options to choose from: You can make them multicolor, just one tone, two color combinations or more…

  • Romantic bows

It is ideal to renew those comfortable Flip flops that just need a little bit of work! You will need gros or resistant ribbon. Glue and sew the edge of the ribbon neatly. Sew towards the center of your Flip flop and start up with the same stitch winding around as you go. When you get to the strips the process is the same. Wind it from one side to the other and glue the ribbon to the edges.  At the joining in the center, decorate with a beautiful bow made of the same gros ribbon!

  • Beads!

If you love to embroider, this idea is especially for you! Choose whichever beads you like the most and embroider using fishing line and a good needle. Then attach to the strips of your Flip flops. You can also use buttons, sequins, stones and more…

Then let’s start decorating those Flip flops!