Halloween is and always will be my favorite holiday. Not only because it occurs during autumn and the streets have that magic orangey colors and the unmistakable sound of leaves rustling under the shoes; but also because Halloween is a holiday for fun, to enjoy with friends and kids

But best of all, we can use costumes and if there is something that I really like in this life is to wear a costume and enjoy with friends. Yes, I’m a clown, I admit it, but I challenge you to try, it’s just pure healthy fun!

Today, thinking about Halloween’s week I brought 5 simple makeup ideas for our most beautiful readers.

Let’s see!

1. Cat

Let’s start with simple makeup for a cat costume. You will need black eyeliner (to outline the mouth, whiskers and eyes obviously!), red lipstick and eye shadows in earth tones (brown, gold, copper) or grey/silver ones. I advise you to use fake eyelashes. Do not fear them because they are very easy to put on and you can find very good ones in the market for a few dollars. Finally, I love the rhinestones applied on eyelids and forehead as if they were small spots.


2. Vamp

Another Halloween classic and easy to achieve. You will need a burgundy lipstick, purple eye shadow, lots of black eyeliner and a white or very pale foundation. The best thing is doing the touch of fresh blood! You may do with red makeup, lipstick or, if you want to make it look more realistic, you can use honey dyed with red food coloring. Do not forget to wear vampire fangs!


3. Day of the Dead

My favorite one! It takes more work but if you are creative and patient you will achieve it. Again, you will need white or very pale foundation, and then you can use as many colors as you wish. In this case, just red and black are used. The idea is to emulate a skull. You can outline everything with black pencil and fill the gaps with makeup for costumes. Do not forget to put a wreath of colorful flowers on your head!


4. Witch

Another Halloween classic. For this result you will need tons of green makeup. It can be bright and pearly as it’s shown in the photo or opaque. You will also need to paint your face and neck for best effect and it’s ideal to complete the look with artificial warts, a prosthetic nose and eye shadow and lipstick. Remember, for those who have very sensitive skin or are allergic, this kind of makeup can be very heavy on your skin. Please make sure before buying something, the brands of the products and whether they are hypoallergenic. Sometimes it’s better to spend a little more to avoid skin damage.


5. Deer

I love this idea. It has a higher level of difficulty but the result is wonderful. You will need earth makeup tones to give the skin the gold effect, white for eyes and spots and black eyeliner to design the horn and highlight the eyes. Do not forget to use here some beautiful fake eyelashes. You can complete the costume with a headband made ​​with tree branches imitating deer antlers.

I hope you like these ideas and do not forget to look for the best makeup and costumes at YaSabe.com.
See ya’ soon!