If you enjoyed the article I published a few days ago on recycling plastic bottles, you will really love my new tips! Yes, I have more projects and ideas to share with you. They are neat and fun to do, and all you need is a simple plastic bottle base to get started. Some of these ideas are decorative and others are just practical. They will help you create very useful objects for your home with just a few supplies. Then let’s get to work!

Plastic Flowers

These flowers are highly decorative with lots of practical uses: You can use them with other projects, to decorate gifts and even make barrettes or brooches!

Here is what you need:

-a small plastic bottle

-lit candle

-glass paint or any transparent varnish paint

-paper, pencil and fiber

-Scissors and cutter

Paint brush

-universal glue

-Beads or whatever items you want to use to decorate!

First, make a paper mold with a simple floral design in two sizes. You will place one flower within the other so you need two molds. Then cut the edges of the bottle and use the cutter to separate the cylinder, which is the body of the bottle. Open to remove the plastic plate.

On this piece of plastic, transfer the mold with the help of a fiber. Cut the small flowers with a scissors. Carefully, draw the edges of your flowers near the lit candle to mold the petals. Repeat with each petal.

Once it is ready, paint with transparent varnish. Do not use acrylic paint because it is too dull and will leave streaks behind! Let dry for at least 30 minutes. The only thing left to do is glue the smaller flower inside the larger one. Decorate the center with beads, sequins or whatever other decorative items you like!

Multicolor Butterflies

If we make flowers, we can make butterflies too! The process is similar to the one noted previously but let’s change to a butterfly mold instead. (Obviously!) Once painted, in this case, use nail polish! Imagine how much more you can do than just butterflies and flowers with these bottles!

Bag Sealers

Don’t even think of throwing away those bottle covers! No way! We can recycle them! How? I will tell you how! Cut the tips of the bottles, covers and all. Open the covers and pass it through the opening of the bag you want to use. Then close the lid and you are ready to go! You have a bag with a perfect closure. You can also use to store grain, seeds, cookies or whatever else your imagination can come up with!


Me encanta este proyecto de reciclado! Nada cómo utilizar algo que descartamos por completo para hacer un objeto nuevo utilitario!

Qué materiales se necesitan para esta lindísima otomana?

-Botellas de plástico del mismo tipo (dependerá del ancho que quieras darle a la otomana la cantidad que precises de botellas, pero calcula alrededor de 40 botellas)

-Espuma de espuma de poliuretano, esponja para tapicería


-Tela de tapicería

-Cinta de embalar

-cremallera (del radio de tu otomana)


-Máquina de coser

Primero unes las botellas con la cinta de embalar formando un cilindro del diámetro deseado.

Luego, forras tu cilindro con el cartón y unes todo con ayuda de la cinta (vas a precisar un carretel entero!). Después procedes de igual manera con la espuma de poliuretano, haciendo una capa mucho más gruesa en la parte superior de la otomana. Unes todo con cinta.

Ahora la parte más complicada. Toma las medidas de tu otomana y confecciona con ayuda de una máquina de coser, una funda con una tela bien resistente, que cubra la otomana por completo. No te preocupes por el color en esta etapa, es simplemente la base de tu otomana.

Utilizando las mismas medidas, realiza una funda exterior con una tela de tapicería que te guste. A esta funda le colocarás en una de las extremidades, una cremallera del diámetro completo de la misma. La idea es que puedas quitarle la funda para lavarla cuando sea necesario.

Si te animas, y tienes conocimiento de tapicería, puedes forrar tu otomana con cuero o simil cuero y no precisarás realizar la funda.

Pet Feeder


I will make this idea simple for you: Two bottles = A pet feeder!

Just practice cutting the cut outs you see in the picture with a scissors. Then set one bottle inside of the other bottle. You will need two bottles of milk or juice. Make sure they are very sturdy and strong! This is simple and practical! And if you like, you can decorate with cloth or non-toxic paint!

Do you like these ideas? Then share your projects and crafts with us!

Thanks for reading!