Our recycling craft work continues and there is no excuse not to do it! It is fun and economical. End of discussion! And if you drink plastic bottled drinks, you have prime material on hand to work with! Plastic bottles are both resistant and easy to cut. This helps us you to make different types of crafts like the ones we will review today.

Take advantage of the texture and quality of the bottles! Use paint and other elements to design completely different objects to the point that no one will recognize you made them with bottles in the first place! You can also use the caps! As an example, today, we will review a project made entirely of plastic bottle caps. The good part is that these projects help to stir your imagination and creativity! So you will end up creating and designing fascinating new things!

Join me and let’s create something wonderful!

Plastic apples!

These cute little apples can be used as gifts, birthday souvenirs or simply to store office items, sewing objects or small toys for kids! They are very easy to make and you can use lots of colors to make cute designs.

You only need the lower part of the bottle to make the apples. Just like the picture shows, cut the bottles carefully using a sharp utility knife or box cutter. You can use paper tape to neatly mark the circumference!

On one half make a small hole for the twine. You can use a little wooden stick or make one with a green bottle. Do the same with the leaves! You can also use felt or paper to make them. Stick them to the twine or rope and join both halves by embedding one with the other. For a neater job, you can glue the tape or the edges of both halves.

It is even a great idea to join them with a closure to make a small pouch.

Bright Owls!

I love this project! Apart from different color bottles, you will require acrylic paint, a cutter or good scissors (or both!), and colorfast fibers. You can make these fashionable owls or transfer any design you like!  This design is done in black and white but if you like colors, let your imagination go wild and see what pops out!

First, cut the bottles in half or a little lower. Give them a colored base (any color you prefer). In this case, it is black and white both inside and outside. You can also use spray paint!

Once painted, transfer the design you have on paper. Then attach owl feathers, eyes and cut neatly around the edges.

Decorate the details with a very fine paint brush or colorfast fiber in a contrasting color from the base.

Once your owl is ready, just add a tea light inside. I recommend a small glass jar or unused glass to put the candle inside. This way, the heat will not warp the plastic!


This idea is similar to the previous project but even simpler! Transfer the design you like, in this case, cute animals, and cut around the edges. Paint the design of your choice with acrylic multicolor paint. Tip: Make a few small holes at the base of the flowerpot for the water to drain well. Place in a plate (sold at garden centers) to avoid a messy job!

You can also hang them. In this case, no holes are necessary! Simply place a flower pot that already has cut out holes inside your own decorative pot! Then the water will drain correctly! Problem solved!


This is a classic basketry project using bottles! It is as simple as cleaning bottles and cutting them into strips of equal thickness. Intertwine and use universal glue to glue the edges. Use bias tape for neater edges!

Then your box is ready to store items, make magazine racks or whatever else comes to mind!

Modern Lamp!

Let’s use those bottle caps well! In this case, we will make use of transparent/white caps with no inscriptions or markings. You will also need electric wiring for the lamps (wires with a plug in socket and portable lamp switch), a cold light bulb and glue gun. For each lamp square, you will need 36 little bottle caps. Glue together to make a network. Arrange portable lamp inside where you will place the light bulb. Use the squares to form a cube like the picture shows. Tip: One of the squares should be free to change the light bulb, or give access if you have to repair the portable lamp. You can join the rest of the cubes with Velcro, or two sided tape that will allow you to dismantle if necessary.

Credit: 100miledesignchallenge

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! What are you waiting for? Get started on a project right away!