Somewhere in a remote corner of our closet we may have a pair of jeans that fit perfectly! But they may be a little out of style or old fashioned. And maybe they don’t really look like when we first bought them! Sometimes we may buy a pair of inexpensive jeans that fit well but they may look plain or lack cute details!

With a few simple ideas you can transform those old jeans into fashionable wear! And what is even better, you can give it your own personal touch and make them truly unique!

Let’s look at some great ideas to enhance our favorite jeans!


Use Lace

With just a few pieces of lace you can work wonders with your jeans! You can start to decorate the leg cuffs, add a few details along the side of the legs, make fun rear pockets or use the design of the lace to stamp the fabric!


You have many options when using prints! Use stamps like the ones sold at Craft houses or make your own (as we saw in other blog articles), using corks, Eva foam rubber, vegetables and even the leaves you find at the park!

Additionally, you can use stencils like the ones sold to decorate furniture or walls. You can also make them yourself with a little cardboard or some acetate. For best results use painting dye or stamping dye! Before you begin to work, make sure the fabric is flushed as if it were purchased. (A diagram is very useful) I have used paper tape to draw the lines where I need to work.

Use Appliques!

At the marketplaces you will find many accessories to apply to your clothing! Pearls, studs and lots more details can be added to your pockets or cuffs to give them a chic look!

Another idea is to apply fabric to the pockets!

You can use any print you like or fabrics embroidered with sequins if you prefer the bling bling effect!

 Galaxy Jeans!

If you have a pair of boring, black jeans try this: fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and bleach. Spray the jeans at random. Then add acrylic colored paint to a brush and with your finger (or the aid of a very fine comb) spray the pants with the different colors to give the impression of a real galaxy!

Sexy Cuts!

Just use a pair of scissors and a fork for this project! Cut grooves along the front length of each leg. Then tear the edges with a fork. All set! Your sexy jeans are ready with a trendy look!

Well Worn but still New!

If you prefer well-worn but new look jeans, you can make them yourself! Use a utility knife to cut strips into the fabric and then use your fingers to separate them. You can soften the fabric with a little sandpaper!

So? What do you think of these ideas?