Year-end celebrations are a great reason to decorate our homes and fill our hearts with festive cheer! 

If you plan to have guests over and would like to stand out or simply add special Christmas touches to your home, I am sure you will like this article!

Today, I chose a few projects to make very simple garlands. They only need a few items and to top it off, they are inexpensive and very easy to get!

And as always, I am going to add another idea that requires just a bit more effort for those who are hardworking, and don’t mind dedicating a little extra time to this task.

Care to join me?

Paper Garlands

Let’s start with the simplest option that I will give you. I am sure they will inspire many creative ideas and much more!
You can do figure cut-outs like these reindeers (don’t forget to add glitter to Rudolf’s nose!):

Cut out circles, stars or pine trees using Christmas colors!:

Tie together paper doilies which you can find in supermarkets and party supplies stores:

With a little patience, put together these cute little paper balls and I will attach and share a simple tutorial to help you:

Or take advantage of old newspapers or magazines to create these simple decorative items with strips of glued paper: 

Felt  Little Balls

Felt wool is trending, and the truth is I love it! Especially because it gives us the ability to create very nice projects like these wreaths!

However, there is something to keep in mind: this material is not too cheap but it goes a long way. You can also buy the items already made at craft stores!

Christmas Ball Ornaments

What should we do with these Christmas ball ornaments that we don’t want to put on the tree? Easy. Recycle them and make a simple but decorative garland!

Twine and Wool balls

Some time ago we learned how to make twine balls using balloons! Well, if you put together a few of them, you can make a nice looking country and rustic garland!

Pine cones 

Take advantage of what nature offers! If you live near a park or forest with pine trees, you can collect a few cones for this design:

As the photo shows, some are painted with white, but you can leave them smooth and use other Christmas colors like red, green or gold! Acrylic paint is a good choice to make these design details. If you do not have any cones available and you really like this idea, check with craft stores. They usually have them available during this season!

Wool Pompoms

There is no excuse not to make these pompoms because I will attach a simple tutorial to help you!

And what is even more interesting is that you only need one tool for this task, which I am sure you have at home: a fork!


And here comes an idea for those with artistic skills! By weaving a little crochet, you can make these simple but beautiful snowflakes! 

Or you can opt for more complex ideas like these little Christmas trees;

Or you might choose these vintage style lights! 

I hope you like these ideas as much as I do!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas!