If you feel the need to make your own wrapping paper for Christmas, we bring you the solution. It is an original, economical choice and everyone will marvel because there is nothing better as ‘homemade with love.’

It is so simple! Put your hands in action .. 3..2..1..

Materials you’ll need:

• Acrylic paints

• Brushes

• Glue

• Papers of different colors and textures

• Ribbons and threads

• Stickers

• Colored markers

• Wrapping paper (solid colors)


                                                                                            #1 IDEA:

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1°  Wrap up your gift with the paper you want.

2° Measure the contour with a ribbon.

3° Cut the amount of thread in the colors you want (in different colors)

4° Place glue on the area to locate them.

5° Once attached, attach a Christmas figure or a sign with the name of the person.


                                                                                             #2 IDEA:

Under revision - Google Drive-1

1° Pick a gift you will be wrapping.

2°  Choose your favorite fabric.

3° Cut a rectangle of the fabric.

4° Place the gift in the center and tie a knot.

WOW! So fast? Yes, it’s done!


#3 IDEA:

Under revision - Google Drive-2

1° Select the amount of candy you want for each bag.
2° Choose your favorite newspaper clipping, plain paper or magazine.
3° Bag the right size for the amount of candy. Strengthening the base with cardboard.
4° Finish the package any color lace, ribbons, colored ribbons, etc..

                                                                                               #4 IDEA:

Under revision - Google Drive-3

1° Choose 2 types of papers: one for the polka dots and one for the wrapper.
2° Cut circles in as many colors as you like.
3° Wrap up the gift with the paper of your choice.
4° Glue the polka dots as you prefer on the surface.

 .#5 IDEA:
Under revision - Google Drive-4

1° Build your own stencil with the figure you want.
2° Place them on paper and start painting.
3° Remove excess paint with a damp cloth.
4° Let dry for 30 minutes.
5° Wrap your gift.
6° Put a nice bow on it with a colorful string.

Did you already wrap your gifts?  Can you share one of those ideas with us?