Maybe you have noticed the days are starting to get shorter, the mornings and nights are cooler, and the trees have begun to lose their leaves and many are turning gold and red. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, not just because the weather is cool and nice, but also because where I live, the landscape is amazing with colors worthy of a painter’s palette!

Inspired by autumn, I have made a crown made out of felt emulating leaves to decorate the entrance of my home.

Follow the step by step instructions below to make one yourself!

Materials Needed:

To make the crown you will need the following:

– Felt fabric in warm tones for the leaves, orange, red, yellow, beige.


-Different color threads for stitching

-Cardboard to make the molds

-A wreath base in whatever material you choose


-Sewing needles

-Ribbons for final decoration


1- First, print the mold below and stick on fine cardboard with paper glue. Once the mold is glued, cut leaves one by one.


2- Second, transfer cardboard leaves to the felt. You can use a pencil to trace where to cut or if you’re brave, you can cut it directly using the mold as a guide. Note: They are not symmetrical molds, so if you use a pencil you must use the mold on both sides so borders remain on the inside.

3- Once leaves are cut, start to embroider one by one based on the pattern. Embroider only on one side and then put together using the buttonhole as the graphic shows.

Punto ojal

4-      When you have the desired leaves sewn, sew your wreath with a simple stitch. In my case I chose a wreath made of vine.


5-      Finally, use a bow or ribbon to tie to your door


Our Autumn Crown is ready!  I hope you have enjoyed this pattern.  Do not forget to search for the materials at the best craft shop near your area on YaSabe.

Until the next time!