I know you love to make balloon crafts just like I do! I like them for many reasons. Perhaps because they are economical, full of options or just easy to use! Or maybe they remind me a little of birthdays and that is always a happy time.

Now that summer is getting closer and the stores are full of hobby supplies, we can find water balloons (the ones kids fill with water to play), and use to make decorative objects, and even accessories for the little ones at home. The majority of these ideas involve “tying” the balloons to some kind of surface. This is a quick and simple activity you can do and even include the kids!

Let’s see some ideas!

Party Wreath for the Door!


To make this beautiful and festive wreath announcing the arrival of summer, this is what you will need:

-Balloons – Lots of them!

-A foam ring or some other type of material you can “stick” with pins!



Simply stick the balloons with pins and attach to the wreath! The more balloons you use, the thicker your wreath will be!

To give that special touch, decorate with mini buntings (like the picture shows), colored ribbons or whatever material you like the most!

If you want to use another type of material, simply stick the balloons with glue or if the base is thin, tie the balloons to the surface.

Original Flip-Flops!

Would you like to have original flip flops/sandals? The only thing you need is a pair of flip flops and a few water balloons! Just like the wreath, tie the balloons to the strips of the flip flops and leave the part between the toes free!

This option is ideal to recycle those old flip flops!

Reusable Ice

Fill normal balloons or water balloons and put them in the freezer. When they freeze, you will have reusable ice to keep your drinks cool. Enjoy them at your planned events or open air meetings! This will eliminate the use of coolers or buckets that fill with water when the ice melts!

Hair barrettes

This is a cute idea for the little ones at home! You will need a barrette base to get started. This can be new or recycled. Tie the balloons to the base if you like. However, it is ideal to sew them with a transparent fishing line for a neat look!


This idea is great for little girls! You can even give them as birthday favors at your daughter’s birthday party! You will need elastic fishing line and water balloons. You can also use pencil balloons (long ones used in balloon art). Cut the tips of each balloon into strips and put the fishing line through the opening of the balloon. Calculate the amount of balloons and the length of the fishing line depending on the size of the child’s wrist. Close both ends of the fishing line with a knot and your cute multicolor bracelet is ready!

Gift Wrapping!

If you need to wrap small gifts, replace the ribbon and bow with colorful balloons! (Use pencil balloons for balloon art). Very original idea, don’t you agree?

Drink Labels!

Tired of losing your drinks at parties? Suffer no more! Just tie water balloons to the stem of your glass to find them again! Simple, practical and easy!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and put them into practice.

Until the next time!