If you like having a balcony, garden or patio full of birds, it’s a great idea to get a bird feeder! A much better idea is to do it yourself, by recycling old objects found at home! In a short time, you can make a beautiful bird feeder and decorate your home too!

Before you purchase or make a bird feeder, there are certain things you need to consider:

-Especially in gardens, there can be other animals like squirrels that tend to destroy everything just to get food! However, generally speaking, on balconies or decks, you can avoid the unexpected visits of these charming little animals!

-Although birds are really pretty, they can cause a big mess! I find scattered seeds on a daily basis! So you need to think on how much you like them and decide if it’s worth having constant dirty floors!

-Depending on the type of bird food, this is the type of bird that will drop by for a visit. At home supply stores and supermarkets, you will find in the garden section bags of food for specific bird types.

With this said, let’s get to work!

Recycling old cups!

This is a perfect design for romantics and those who love old vintage styles. You can recycle old cups with style and arrange on plates. You will need a machine that can make holes. And you will need a string or twine suitable for porcelain. Make 4 holes where you will hang the wire or twine to hang your little cups.

It is important to glue your cup to your plate with universal glue or resistant double sided tape!

Use Citrus Peels

You can use grapefruit or orange peels! Do this: Cut the fruit into ¾ parts, as if you are removing a lid. Remove pulp from inside and let dry one day in the sun.

Then the process gets very simple. Make a few holes to place string or twine to hang feeder. Then fill the interior with bird food!

Super simple!

Even the little kids can help out! Make a few balls or shapes with bird food! How? Let’s find out! You will need:

-4 cups of bird food

-3/4 cups of flour

-3 large tablespoons of Golden syrup (corn syrup)

-A packet of unflavored gelatin with ¼ cup of hot water.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

Make small balls with the pasta as the picture shows! Or place in cookie molds previously greased. Press downward with your fingers and make a hole to hang in the upper part using a straw.

Let dry for one night and ready! Just pass a string or twine of your choice through the hole and hang your artistic creation!

I have also seen (in some cases) peanut butter directly used to stick seeds together. It hasn’t worked for me and when it hits the sun it can melt, and create a real mess!

Use Cans!

Using flat cans can be the same concept as the cups and the fruit! In reality, you can use any object in a similar way as long as you can add some holes to hang!

You can also use common, large or small cans. Just paint them in bright colors or cover with fabric or twigs!

Plastic Bottles!

This is as simple as using a PVC bottle! Make 3 cm holes at the base. The holes need to be large enough to pass through a wooden spoon no longer in use (A great excuse to recycle!). Fill the bottle with food and spread it in such a way that some seeds can fall through the hole you made with the spoon. Use a resistance nail on the cover of the bottle (You can attach with glue) to hang from there.

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas! Until the next time!