Table centerpieces are an important aspect of our party decorations! If you are planning to get married or celebrate your sweet fifteen, I know you would like original designs to decorate your reception hall to both entertain and surprise your guests!

Of course, we have the option of hiring a professional service to decorate our event! But sometimes they may not understand what we really want and it can be very expensive. If you decide to take care of the arrangements yourself, I am going to give you some great and useful ideas to help you! If you decide to hire an advisor and if you like any of these decorative tips, use them as a reference to illustrate precisely what you want!  

It is important to note that the decorative style you choose for your tables must combine with the style you choose for the room as a whole. That is to say, similar materials, textures and colors that blends together perfectly.

You may also opt for an eclectic décor with a distinctive touch like unique table centerpieces, a rainbow of colors and multiple mixtures of different textures, genres and materials. In this case, you will choose an integral concept or theme, which should be noted in all the details of your party!

The good part about this is the alternatives available for all likes and tastes! Let’s review some designs and get inspired.

Classic Design

If you prefer a classic touch and don’t want to risk it, opt for a traditional version of the centerpiece with flowers and a candle in the middle.

A touch of Fruit

Fruits add a dash of color to table arrangements! Use strawberries, oranges, lemons or green apples to highlight your centerpieces. Include some wild flowers, petals or decorative branches for added flair!



This option is ideal for parties during the autumn or winter. These arrangements are minimalist and aesthetic but very distinctive. You may add floating candles in water for an added touch. So lovely!

Use only Candles!

If you just want to illuminate your centerpieces with candles, use bell jars, candle holders or metal brackets that let you place several small candles at one time. Use aromatic candles with the same aroma. But if it is in an enclosed space, be careful not to saturate the room with too much aromatic perfume!


Use baby’s breath to assemble simple but romantic and ethereal table centers. This is one of my favorite options!

Use Bottles or Jars

This a great option with recycled materials! Used jars or bottles decorated with ribbons, fabrics or paint to arrange your centerpiece!

Different materials

Take advantage of materials, flowers and plants available where you live. If you are close to a forest, you can find branches, leaves, stones and pinecones! If you live near the beach you can get sea stars, sea snails, shells and lots of sand!

If you live near the desert, take advantage of the cactus and succulent plants you can buy at any market!.


And if you are original and want to create something yourself, assemble a bouquet of flowers with paper or fabric! You will have the most unique arrangements to impress your friends and family!

See you soon with more great ideas!