Do you feel like all cell phone covers in the market are boring? Having trouble finding one that fits your personality? Don’t worry, it happens … that’s why we came up with a DIY cell phone case that is 100% customizable.

Get ready to bust out your imagination and creativity!

You just need a few simple materials:

• One clear plastic cell phone case

• Decorative paper

• Ultra-strong adhesive

• Scissors

• Studs and spikes

• Decorative adhesives

• Rhinestones, sequins, mirrors, beads, etc.

Here are our step-by-step instructions for making an original and personalized phone case  .

Select the paper you want to use as the cover. There are a ton of different types of paper – you will want to use one that is slightly thicker than average.You can use a clear cell phone case you already own or buy one that fits your phone at any electronics store. Don’t worry if it’s boring – you’ll be spicing it up with the paper you picked out above.

As a first step, put the paper down (face down) and trace the outline of the phone case. Then cut out the shape with some scissors and cut out a hole for the camera. If available, it’s easiest to cut the camera hole with a box cutter or X-Acto knife.

It’ll look something like this…


Check your piece of paper to make sure that it fits on top of the case and isn’t wrinkled. If it is, start with another sheet of paper and try again.

If you think that the patterned paper alone isn’t exciting enough to reflect your personality, try adding studs, stickers, rhinestones or other decorations that you can find at any craft store. 

You can try laying them out on the plastic case before pasting them on to make sure your design will fit. In this case we tried it with a cross and then with a half diamond in one corner.

 Glue your decorations directly to the outside of the plastic case. Make sure you use a good adhesive and give it plenty of time to dry!

Lastly, just place the paper inside the plastic case and snap your phone in on top of it! No need to glue the paper in place. It will stay trapped between the phone and the case, and you can switch it out whenever you want.

If you want a cover that is vibrant and full of texture, try gold colors, 3D objects, and effects that give depth to your phone. Check out this example…

If none of these ideas inspire you, and if nothing has occurred to you yet, take a look through magazines, paintings, prints, jewelry, or just about anything else that might give you some design ideas. In the example below, you can see a case that was inspired by a purse.


Upload pictures of your custom cell phone case! We know there are some creative YaSabeondos out there, and we would love to see your photos!