Do you have old T-shirts you may like to recycle? What would you say if I told you, you can make rugs with them?

Despite what you may be thinking at this precise moment, I have not lost my mind (At least not all of it!). Using old T-shirts you can make a beautiful braided rug! Let me tell you how!

For a small rug you will need the following materials:

-About 5 T-shirts,


-Thread and needle

-Sewing machine if you have one and know how to use it.

The first step is to transform the T-shirt into strips by cutting it into shreds. Use the picture to guide you and follow the directions I will give you.
1.- Cut the T-shirt up to the armhole to make a rectangle. Cut the rectangle in strips of 1 ½ inches from one end to the other leaving 2 inches uncut at one end.

2.- Open the shredded T-Shirt (What have you done!!??) and cut on the diagonal as the picture shows. Throw away the hem.

3.- Cut on a diagonal line as the picture shows and you will have a long, cotton thread you can curl just by stretching it a little. Put together your ball and start to work!

You can even use different color T-shirts for a trendy look! Combine them, either with a pattern or a simple drawing like a heart! This rug we will make is circular.

When the strips are ready, start to braid. Sew on hand or use the sewing machine to sew the stitches together. Use three strips of the same color or combine them as the picture shows. Keep braiding until you require a new strip or wish to change color. Add a new color by sewing on the diagonal with the fabric placed on the right side at a 90 degree angle.

Keep braiding until you add all of the strips together.

Start to roll your rug carefully to avoid bunching. Also avoid gaps or free spaces.  This pre-rolling technique will help you when you start to sew! Choose the side you will use for up and sew on the opposite side. Join the strips together forming the desired circle. In this way, you can see if this is the size you want. Or you may choose to add more strips or remove some of them!

You will have to sew on hand to join the braids together. Use a very thick needle and embroidery thread or one used in upholstery to make it more resistant!   When you get to the end of the rug, braid the ends with the previous circle for a neater edge.

This project is simple and easy to do but it takes a lot of time and patience! If you leave it for a while or will not finish the same day, lock the ends together with a paperclip or a fastener used in the kitchen for snacks. Then your work will not fall apart and your strips will not get tangled in the process!

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did!

Until the next time!