Christmas is near. It’s time to brush up our skills and put together  the traditional tree to decorate and illuminate our dining room for a few days. Admittedly, christmas trees come from a pagan origin adopted by christianity for its triangular representation of the holy trinity: Father, son and holy spirit.

However, whatever your beliefs, the trees always represents christmas. And it is an attractive excuse to share in family activities, from putting it together to adding the trimmings.

Today, I bring you some fantastic ideas to decorate your own tree using different materials. They are easily accesible and great for any budget. So, let’s get to work!!!

Christmas lightbulbs

This is a great idea to recycle old lightbulbs that no longer work! Use multicolor glue to make the details of the face, nose and buttons on the snowman. The lightbulbs are covered with white glitter to cover its contents.

First, brush the lightbulbs with white glue. Spread the glitter all over and let dry for a few hours. When they are fully dried, you may decide to spread a second coat or decorate them instead. You can also spray paint them! The arms are made of tree branches. You can also use real cloth and buttons for an added touch.

Finally, use a string or wire to hang them up.

Felt Cupcakes

Absolutely beautiful and easy to do! You need felt in Christmas colors (this can be found in craft stores and is verrryyyyy cheap), sewing thread in many colors and buttons. You can also adorn with decorative stones or beads.

Fabric Mini Christmas Trees

You can put these trees together with bits of cloth and multicolored felt. Cut circles in various sizes (The largest will be at the base and the smallest at the top of the tree). You can also alternate the sizes and colors to give it a more pine like look instead of a 100% triangular shape

What should we add to the top? A star made of felt will do nicely. It is ideal to use whatever bits and pieces we have at home.

String Stars

If you remember the balloon spheres we did with string (this can also be used for Christmas decorations!), you will understand this little project.

Then use white glue and red, green or white wool. If you choose to use another color that will be perfect too! Prepare a mixture of white glue and water in equal portions in a bowl. Immerse the strings or wool. When it is saturated, tie it to one end of the legs of the star. Start to form the design and mold towards the center.

It will require a little pressure of your fingers to keep the design down. Let dry for a whole day and when it is ready, you will have a lace star made of string. Decorate with glitter or small sequins for a more exotic touch.

Snowflake or Wood flake?

Use tree branches and chunks of wood found in the forest or parks to create a snowflake! Simply glue in the center with universal glue. Or if it’s easier, tie the pieces together with raffia thread. Finally, leave a rustic look or spray paint with gold or white paint. How cute!

Pure crochet!

This idea is beautiful, especially if you know how to crochet. And it is also super cheap. The idea is to make woven snowflakes from white thread. If you don’t know how to crochet, here is a little secret: Use lace purchased from a craft store or you can use lace edging found at home.

It is important to recycle and use all elements available to you. You can also make a lot more designs just using these basic ideas. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Remember: If you want to share your own designs, write to us!