Although we do not want to admit it, we all suffer from different phobias, to some degree.  And it is really difficult to carry on or overcome our feelings. Especially if we find ourselves in a situation when the phobia says “present.”

Today, despite the mysteries of the human psyche, let us discuss phobias and specifically, the different psychological phobias that exist:

Types of Phobias:

  1. Claustrophobia: is a well-known phobia. This type of extreme fear is when a person feels limited, physically, by a determined space. Generally these spaces are reduced, and other times this fear is not even determined by the ‘real’ space.

  2. Agoraphobia:  is the opposite side of the coin of the previous phobia.  This is fear of open spaces and generally, women suffer from this phobia. When they are found in open spaces they feel “insecure”, or with a lack of “help”.  This feeling presents a high level of anxiety.

  3. Storm Phobia:  Is the phobia of climatic phenomenon.  Earthquakes, tornados, lightning’s, strong winds, intense rain, etc.  Common sociable skills are reduced, since people who suffer from this fear, depend on the weather to do different activities.

  4. Arachnophobia:  Is one of the most famous phobias in the world.  It is said that at least 10 % of humanity suffer from this fear in one way or another.  When someone who suffers from this fear sees a spider, they become terrified and may stay paralyzed.  They do not respond and may lose their sense of action.

  5. Aerophobia: This is fear of flying.  Really, the grand majority of people suffer a degree of this fear in one way or another. This feeling stems in part from human nature.  We are unable to fly for ourselves, and using another means to fly instills a degree of fear.

  6. Sociophobia: This is when people become terrified at being judged from a social level for some situation. This fear is a bit serious and if it is not treated, it can have high repercussions in the development of the person as a whole.

  7. Acrophobia:  Is the extreme fear of heights. Different from Vertigo, it paralyzes the person.  Or it causes so much anxiety they may lose their sense of common direction. This is also known as common sense.

Of course there are more phobias out there.  We have only listed the most well-known, with a concise definition.  If you suffer from any phobias or know of someone who does, share your knowledge!  Comment on the blog or upload to social networks.