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Women today will go a long way to get the body they want and many pro-dieting sites promise results with their plans, but don’t really deliver results. And there are a lot to pick from.

We want to make it easier for you, so we present the 5 most popular diets among Latino women.

Diet # 1.

The Paleolithic diet: It has three stages, starting with a basic form of eating that restricts foods to meats, fish, vegetables, dry nuts and fruits. In the second stage, you incorporate whole cereals. Foods without refined or processed sugars are now allowed into the mix as well. Third, the maintenance stage: This one starts when you have reached your goal weight. Here you are allowed more whole foods, as well as a sweet treat every once in a while.

Diet: 2.

Your carbohydrates intake is reduced to 20 grams a day (this is little). Foods that are rich in protein (meats) substitute carbs. After a few weeks you can add vegetables. Sugars, fruits and cereals are forbidden with this diet, and that requires commitment.

Diet #3.

It completely eliminates carbon hydrates, allowing only lean proteins. After a few weeks you can slowly incorporate them again, but in limited portions until you goal weight is reached.

Diet #4.

This diet is all about balance. Its dishes are designed to give you the ideal daily portions of nutrients. You eat 5 times a day and shouldn’t go over 500 calories on each meal.

Diet #5.

Inspired by the TV show The Biggest Loser Club, many nutritionists create a food plan that responds to our physical activity, the right portions and our body type. They require a lot of personalized follow up, which make them more expensive. Some even cook your meals and offer specific exercise plans that you can do at home.

So, which one sounds better to you? Do you have any secrets or success story to share? Please do.