I know it is not February 14th, but we don’t need a calendar date to share that special moment with someone we love! If you decided to spend this 2015 Thanksgiving Day just with your partner, you have plenty of options to make this a truly unforgettable experience!

Of course, it will depend on your personal likes and the activities you enjoy doing together, but I want to share a few small ideas (maybe you thought of them already), to celebrate this special day!

Intimate dinner for two

Preparing a dinner for 10 people is not the same as preparing a romantic dinner for two with someone you love. Use the typical recipes of the season to make a scrumptious meal. It is not only relaxing but fun to do!

Give thanks

This is a day to look back, reflect and give thanks. And there is nothing more romantic than writing a letter to your loved one, by thanking them for how much they do for us and sharing each day of life’s journey together.

Romantic getaway

If you can plan it, try to organize a romantic getaway. You can go somewhere warmer, stay near a B&B, or rent a romantic cabin! There are always beautiful places close to home where can visit without spending too much money! Don’t forget that autumn is a beautiful time to be outdoors, observe the trees and enjoy nature’s transition in colorful array!

Tempt your taste buds

Maybe you don’t like to cook, or simply don’t feel like it! Hire a food service that you like, or visit a nice restaurant to indulge in your favorite meal! 

Attend a parade

I always love the experience of a parade! If you can make the trip, the Macy’s Parade in New York is a classic worth seeing! If not, take advantage of the activities in your community! It is nice being with friends and neighbors while enjoying a show. Another option is to savor a hot cup of a tasty chocolate drink snuggled together with your love!

100% rest and relaxation

Had a difficult week? Use the days to relax and do nothing of nothing! The couch is an ideal place to start! Snuggle up next to your partner, watch movies and eat delicious treats, which is more than justified!


If it is not too cold, load the camping equipment in the car and get away from the city for a few days! There is nothing more romantic than watching the stars in a clear sky, embraced with someone you love!

Happy Thanksgiving!