Waxing is not something we would choose to do! Unfortunately, it is a necessary step to look beautiful and be more comfortable.  YaSabe brings you the best secrets before, during and after your waxing process!

Before you make the decision to wax, it is convenient to choose the adequate moment. The best time we can choose is after a bath.  Why?  Pores are dilated and hair can easily be removed.  Forget the use of oily soaps or body oils at bath time. This will create a greasy film that prevents the wax from sticking to the skin.  Search for nearby locations in your city to find the best waxing services.

During the waxing process:

Do not focus all your attention on what you are doing.  You may get more painful or nervous!  So distract yourself by looking at the news, favorite music or listening to a recording device.

Once the process is complete to avoid inflammation or irritation use ice, but not directly on the skin. Try to wrap it with a towel or cotton cloth. Then swab with alcohol on a cotton puff over the waxing area. This will avoid any type of infection.  Use a ‘stop grow’ hair cream.  There are many on the market.  It is just a question of testing which one is best for your type of skin. You can get the product in supermarkets , pharmacies and more.

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