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We often hear questions like “Will going to the dentist while pregnant have any side effect?” This is a completely normal reaction, because the last thing we want is for our baby to be impacted by our actions. And mental health is no exception. To all these women, we tell them to think about the opposite: “Will NOT going to the dentist while pregnant have any side effect?” Exactly. Let’s explore the reasons.

During the past 10 years, several studies have shown a correlation between cases of premature birth or low weight and periodontal problems in the mother. Complications during pregnancy and even labor are higher when women suffer from teeth or gum problems.

What can I do then?

If you just found out that you are pregnant, you should consult a dentist immediately, in order to get an oral health check and deal with any existing problems, as they might affect your pregnancy during its many phases. It is worth to remember that during this exciting period you should pay special attention to your teeth and gums. Not only by regularly brushing your teeth and flossing, but also by paying attention to cavities and tissue health.

Which oral problems could appear during pregnancy?

Actually, there are several risks during this period, the most common being gingivitis. There is a high correlation between the development of this disease and pregnancy. How to prevent it? Consulting a professional is a no brainer; it can also help (and a lot) to correctly brush the border between teeth and gum as well as eating really healthy, switching sweets and snacks for healthier options. You should focus on attacking plaque instead of your gums, because hormones released during pregnancy may increase irritating reactions on them.

Don’t hesitate in consulting a dentist to get guidance during this process. Also, don’t hesitate in leaving a comment or sharing this information; there are many moms-to-be that might need it.