You probably know there are different dentists with different specialties.  It is important for both you and I to know this fact, so we can calmly visit a specialized dentist in the area tailored to our specific problem.

Some of these areas are:  Oral surgery, periodontics, maxillofacial surgery, oral pathology, dental prosthetics (also known as prosthodontics), forensic stomatology, etc.

Let us name some of the specialties that dentists can develop:

Types of Dentists

  1. Orthodontist:  When we need our teeth “fixed,” we visit a dentist with this type of specialty.  He or she can set braces, place a retainer or other dental device to align our teeth.

  2. Periodontist:  When we have problems with tissue inflammation in our gums (gingivitis), or we suffer from periodontics (another illness of the gums), we would visit this type of specialist. They treat both bone and gum which hold our teeth in the right place. Some applications of periodontics are bone grafts and / or tissues when we have receding gums.

  3. Oral Surgery:  His name leaves his position clear;  They perform surgeries in and around the head area.  They are also capable of performing operations to reorder jaws, remove teeth and wisdom teeth, remove tumors of the neck and head, and perform biopsies among other things.

  4. Endodontist: They are in charge of canals (root), procedures stemming from root to surgical methods.  In short:  They work with the nerve / nerves of the teeth.

  5. Pediatric Dentist:  This type of dentist is focused on little ones. These are formed to detect clenched teeth, rotten ones, and poisoned or missing teeth in the mouth of little ones.

  6. General Dentists:  Their name expresses their role well and they perform almost any dental application no matter the age of the client.  For example:  Root canal treatments, crown and / or bridges, cavities and x-rays.  However, on occasions, this also depends on the difficulty of the oral problem.

We hope this article has served in providing more information about different types of dentists. We would also like to know how much you liked this information and how you plan to use it.