July 4th is tomorrow and you still don’t have decorations, or you refuse to spend money on expensive decor? No need to worry- these simple DIY projects will help you decorate your home in time to delight your family and guests!

Patriotic Garland


Just wrap around a few pieces of blue and white tulle, tied around a Styrofoam wreath you can get at your local craft shop . Add some glittered stars for an extra touch!

Vintage Bottle Cap Garland


Going for a vintage look or simply a fun project to do with your kids? Get a few bottle caps, and paint them red, white, and blue. One the paint has dried, cut a piece of cardboard into a ring and glue the caps on the cardboard. Finish it by attaching a ribbon on the top, and hang it on a door. Voilà!

Easy 4th of July Utensil Holders


Paint inexpensive terra cotta pots in a patriotic design or you can use big tomato cans and glue a flag images around them. You can find the images at your local paper store, or print a flag.  You can use them to put the day’s silverware, treats or even some flowers to decorate the table.

Healthy Flag Snacks


Decorate your table with this simple colorful snack.  Use the berries to represent the colors of the flag, blueberries for the blue color, strawberries for red and bananas for white. You can substitute the bananas for marshmallows to add a little extra sweetness.  Take a tour of your local grocery store and find all variables you can use.

Let us know how you decorated your place!

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