A few days ago we talked about the virtues of tea. But our discussion centered on more than just a normal bag of tea! We learned how to use them to clean the house, add a pleasing aroma to the room and even repel bugs and insects!

However, the truth is, these little tea bags are much more versatile than they seem! And they can serve for many, many other uses that we may not even imagine.  Well, today, let’s focus on beauty products, natural health and gardening care. Would you like to join me?

  1. Renew your garden!

-Make a mild tea with used tea bags. Then use this water to irrigate your plants. It will protect them from fungus and disagreeable insects. It also repels mice!

You can also use the tea leaves as organic compost to fertilize your plants. Roses love the tannic acid produced by the tea.

The same thing happens with ferns and some house plants. So you can use tea leaves in the soil or prepare water to irrigate or sprinkle them! Your plants will look much healthier and grow with the best nutrients!

  1. Give your craft work that “Vintage” look!

If you want your craft projects in paper or fabric to have an old “vintage” look, use tea bags to dye them! The stronger the tea, the stronger the color. My mother always did this with lace edgings and shawls.

  1. Personal Beauty

This area gives us many options to use our tea bags!

– Hands. Now you can peel onions, garlic and artichokes with no problems! These amazing little tea bags remove pesky odors and as an added bonus, they soften hands!

-Feet. Of course, if they work for hands, they work for feet too, don’t you agree? Remove that bad odor from your feet and soften them, with hot water and tea bags!

-Relax. Cleopatra bathed in milk. I bathe in tea because it has antioxidants that relax you. Those aromatic scents give a unique experience and it’s cheaper too!

-Fresh breath. Yes! Eliminate bad breath with a simple mouth wash of Green tea or mint. Use it two times per day for optimal results! Add a pinch of salt to soothe aches and canker sores. Wonderful!

-Relieve tired eyes. If you have been working hard and those tired days are accumulating — along with tired, puffy eyes — relief is just a “tea bag” away! Relieve your eyes like this: Soak two used tea bags in hot water and place them on your eyes for 20 minutes! It reduces puffiness too!

-Natural facial toner. Black tea is a natural astringent. Make an infusion to clean your face using cotton balls. This helps eliminate oily skin. Then dry with a clean towel.

Yes! We can use this on our hair! Make a mild infusion with used tea bags and rinse your hair after shampoo. It not only conditions and nurtures your hair, but gives more shine too!

  1. Health. Tea offers multiple uses for skin care with irritations and injuries. Let’s review some of them!

Soothe irritated skin. Use damp and cold tea bags to sooth and refresh sunburns. You can also use them to relieve and accelerate the healing of bruises. To reduce swelling and pain from insect bites, gently rub bags over the wounds. It also helps to relive skin irritation caused by shaving.

– Tea is useful to alleviate infections like conjunctivitis, mouth sores and cold sores. Apply warm, damp tea bags over the affected area to diminish pain and accelerate the healing process.

Warts are horrendous and annoying! But don’t get bitter about it! It seems the tannic acid in the tea reduces warts. To test this method, use a hot tea bag on the wart for 10 minutes daily, a couple times per day. The wart should decrease after a few days.

Mouth pain. To alleviate toothaches, rinse your mouth with a hot cup of mint tea with a pinch or two of salt. Mint is a natural antiseptic and has menthol, which relieves pain on skin contact. You can also use cold tea bags to stop the bleeding, when a child’s “milk” teeth fall out. Just put direct pressure on the area.

  1. Make you a stronger tea!

If you like strong tea, store those little tea bags and add them to the pot for the next time! Remember: You cannot use them for a third cup. This works better with black, red and green teas!

Did you ever think a little tea bag could have so many “goodies” inside?