What do you usually do after you enjoy a delicious and relaxing cup of tea? Throw away the little bags in the garbage? This is a very, big mistake!  That  bag of tea can still give us a lot of use! Don’t believe me? Well, if you read this article carefully, you will see I am right. There are at least 20 alternative uses for those little tea bags

Today, I will give you 5 different ways to recycle tea. Shall we discover it together?

  1. Natural air freshener

Use the herbs in your tea to make little tea sachets for your closets. Especially scents like jasmine, mint or those with fragrant cloves, cinnamon and anise. Add some essential oils to the paper or cloth of the sachets. This will keep the scented air much longer!

  1. Pest control

Use those little tea sachets with some drops of essential mint oil in your storage space and furniture. It will chase away rats, spiders and ants!

  1. Spice up your favorite foods!

Use tea sachets in your pot when you boil rice, pasta or other grains. It will give both flavor and aroma to your favorite meals. Jasmine and Chai tea are ideal!

You can also use it to tenderize meat! Here is how to do it: Put 4 tablespoons of black tea in a cup of warm water (not boiling). Let rest for 5 minutes. Strain and add ½ cup of brown sugar until dissolved. Set aside. Place seasoned meat in a container and add tea. Cook in the preheated oven on 325 F until meat is soft (approximately 90 minutes). Serving’s size: Up to 3 lbs. of meat.

  1. Odor Neutralizer

Do you have an unpleasant odor in your home or fridge but don’t know where it’s coming from? Did you try everything and the scent still lingers? Forget about it! Mix some dry leaves from used tea bags with kitty litter.

You can put them in the lower part of the dumpster and even in the refrigerator mixing the tea leaves with baking soda!

  1. Natural Cleanser

In this category, we have a ton of examples:

-Rugs or carpets: Gather the little tea sachets you need to cover the area you want to clean. You can keep them in the fridge in a cup of water. Open the bags and spread the moist leaves (not wet) over the area you want to clean. Let them dry and remove with a vacuum. This is ideal for musty odors, for example.

-Degrease the dishes: It sounds amazing but it isn’t! It is as simple as soaking your dishes in hot water with little tea sachets. Food scraps will detach without harmful chemical products.

-Wood: The tea sachets can help to clean and renew floors and wooden furniture for a polished look.

Glass: Yes, it cleans glass too! Remove grime and dirt from glass and mirrors by spraying a little tea from your used tea sachets.

Aren’t these fantastic ideas? Stay tuned for future articles on the virtues of versatile teas!

Until later!