Throughout the world, different kinds of cultures establish customs, traditions and forms of celebration around the globe. And since Father’s Day is celebrated around the world, this is not the exception. In reality, it is a curiosity for those who do not practice this tradition, because for those that do, it is the most natural thing in the world.

In the United States:

Everything started in 1909 thanks to a Lady called Sonora Smart Dodd, who lived in Washington.  She proposed celebrating June 19 in honor to her Father.  He was a veteran of the civil war.  Henry Jackson Smart turned into a widower with his sixth child, and became a mother and father to his children.  His birthday falls on the date his daughter proposed to celebrate Father’s Day. Calvin Coolidge, established this date when he proposed the idea of an official celebration to all fathers June 19, starting in 1924.  The celebration took off on its own in 1966, when the acting president of the United States Lyndon Johnson signed a proclamation, making the 3rd Sunday Father’s Day.

In Latin America:

In Latin America this day is celebrated for the most part, on the same day:  The 3rd Sunday of June.  But in places like: Uruguay, San Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras and Bolivia it is not the same.  The date varies and is closely related to national holidays, usually addressed to the hero of that country.

In Spain:

In other locations, however, the celebrated date (as a key date) is March 19.  This is due to Saint Joseph’s day, who was the earthly father of Jesus, son of God.  This celebration was done progressively as other civilizations made Saint Joseph a very important man.   It was in the year 1948, that a teacher called Manuela Vicente Ferrero began a party at school for parents on the 19 of March.

Of course, there are many other origins of the celebration, but there are too many to list!  So we have reduced it for you to tell us what other little known facts you know, or have been taught about Father’s Day. You can do it by your comments or uploading your thoughts to social networks.