The famous ‘checkup’:  These are interventions geared towards the detection of health issues.  These issues are likely to occur in people of this age group.  Steps include practiced interviews, physical examination and complementary study methods.  These steps are scientifically proven to have a high impact on the health of people in this age group.

If you are 65 years of age and more, the following steps are recommended to avoid frequent health issues:

  • Control weight: This will help minimize the risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

  • Take a blood pressure test:  At least once every 2 years if the reading is lower than 140/90.  This will help detect high blood pressure.

  • The doctor should control and listen to cardiac rhythm at least once:  This will help detect heart disease.

  • Track visual and auditory problems: determine the gravity of visual and auditory problem, which can affect the quality of life of the individuals.

  • Get a cholesterol analysis: This allows the detection of risk factors leading to heart attacks and stroke.

  • Get a blood sugar analysis to detect diabetes if you have any of the following conditions: 130/80 or more blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity or smoking.

  • If a man / woman have smoked before, an abdominal ultrasound is recommended.

  • Track colon cancer until 75 years of age.

  • For women, measure bone density to detect osteoporosis.

  • For women, get mammograms every 1 or 2 years until 74 years of age.

  • For women, get a PAP test only if you lacked previous adequate control.

  • Maintain good dental health.

  • Prevent accidents at home.

  • Update vaccinations.


The following steps are recommended regardless of age:

  • Eat healthy:  Reduce fat, eat more cereal, fruits and vegetables.
  • Do normal physical exercise:  Minimum 30 minutes of physical activity 3 times per week (walk, run, dance, swim, ride a bicycle or other sports).
  • Do not smoke and stay away from tobacco smoke.
  • Avoid sexually transmitted diseases by using protection.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol.
  • Protect your skin by using UV filter.  Do not expose yourself to the sun between 10:00 am in the morning and 4:00 pm in the afternoon, without the use of a proper SPF sunscreen.
  • Prevent accidents using a seatbelt and helmet.  Avoid weapons in your home.