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Whenever we’re in need of a lawyer there’s a question that pops up in our mind before any: how much will this cost me? Well, it depends on the case. Here you’ll find a good summary of their fees, but always remember: a lawyer will set the price according to the type and difficulty of your case.

  • Flat fees: It’s what they charge for regular proceedings such as a will (as long as it is a simple situation). This kind of work is usually paid for up front.

  • Billable hours: It’s a very common charging method, since it uses the amount of hours each case will take as a reference. The price will then depend on the difficulty of your case.

  • Retainer: A retainer is a non-refundable amount paid up front which the attorney requires to begin work on a case, usually to take a case to court for you. Normally, the attorney works off the retainer; if it is drawn down to zero, the attorney will ask for an additional retainer.

  • Contingency: This means they get paid only if the case is settled in favor of the client. The attorney then receives a percentage of the settlement. The percentage may increase depending on the size of the settlement. Contingency arrangements are most common in personal injury cases, and are not often used in general business litigation.

There are some other categories, but they are more specific, as well as divorce attorney fees, which are private.

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