Sometimes things happen at our job, but we may not know if we have the situation in our favor. Daily we may become victims of oppression, discrimination, job accidents or different job issues which require a lawyer.

  However, fear or the unknown may hold us back, and we may not know exactly what to do. So here are  several situations when you  positively need a lawyer

  • Your employer or former lawyer sues or threatens to sue you;
  • You’re being asked to sign an agreement that you don’t fully understand,
  • You’ve been accused of a crime
  • If you think your employer or former employer has broken employment laws
  • If you have been retaliated against for complaining about discrimination or something illegal the employer has done;

Others are, for example, when you are fired and benefits are not completely paid at the moment of dismissal.  This can differ according to the laws of the region or even the sector where you are located.  Also, if the dismissal is not paid or payment takes much longer than expected (generally 10 days).

Has something similar happened to you?  We would like to know if you have ever had a problem, or had to turn to a lawyer and the reason for the decision.  You can comment below or upload to social network.